Embedded Skills


I recently led a project that involved the development of a new brand positioning, brand identity, and website for a client. I was responsible for ideation and conceptualization of the project, as well as the creation of a comprehensive marketing campaign that included a brand film and editorials. This project required a high level of creativity and strategic thinking, as well as the ability to lead a team and effectively manage the project from start to finish.

My objective was to differentiate Embedded Skills from other players in the recruitment industry. To achieve this goal, I developed a unique brand positioning that encompasses the values of "Imperfectly Perfect", "Simply Savvy" and "Naturally Bold". These values were intended to reflect the company's unique approach and set it apart from its competitors in the sector. The brand values were integrated in all the marketing communications and the website, to create a strong and consistent brand identity.


- People are imperfect. Imperfection is something that makes us beautiful. Often hidden behind a facade, but seen with every wrinkle of sorrow and joy. It takes wisdom and skills to connect behind the facade. But that is just what Embedded skills does, connecting with the beauty within the imperfection.

(Brand Strategy)

Embedded Skills' brand identity is inspired by the beauty that emerges from the imperfections of people and nature.  Conveying themselves as natural leaders who bring out the best in others through a unique approach of embracing and accepting the true individuality of the people they interact with.

By using the term "imperfect" in conjunction with "natural" and "savvy" they assert themselves in a position as a wise and human-centered recruitment agency in an industry that too often views and treats people as mere resources rather than individuals.

(BRAND film)

The film created for Embedded Skills had the purpose to serve as their brand film with a long life span. Communicating the pillars of value that Embedded Skills stands upon as a recruitment and staffing agency.

The message was kept somewhat diffused in order to reach a wide range of receivers, as their target audience is a mixed bag with companies on one hand and private gig workers on the other.



Web Design

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