As a member of the creative team at FWB agency, I contributed to the successful execution of a marketing campaign by providing valuable support to the Creative Director. My responsibilities included participating in the ideation phase for campaign concepts, assisting in the development of treatment for film production, serving as a runner and behind-the-scenes photographer during filming, and adding graphics in post-production. Additionally, I was responsible for finalizing the design of print materials and coordinating distribution through a partnership with JCDecaux.

The campaign was well received, with the film airing on a variety of television networks and social media platforms across Sweden, and the print materials being prominently displayed in subway stations and other high-traffic areas throughout the country.


(Look & feel)

The film captures the unique and contrasting essence of living in the northern regions, where the environment can be both cold and welcoming, infertile yet fertile, and detached yet intimate. The color palette used in the film reflects this contrast, with cool hues reminiscent of the northern hemisphere light, and warm tones created by the presence of the people living there. All these elements are combined to evoke the sense of Swedish heritage.


The film follows two talented individuals as they journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Nordic regions, set to a backdrop of poetic voiceover and inspiring music. Together, we experience the unique connection between the inhabitants and the natural beauty of Scandinavia. Brämhults, a brand that embodies the natural essence of the Nordic heritage, has a vital part in the journey.

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