ART DIRECTION / Production / Editing

While working at FWB agency, I had the opportunity to contribute to the development and execution of the "Dare to be Bold" campaign. Under the guidance of my Creative Director, I was responsible for finalizing the treatments for the campaign film, including creating storyboards, look & feel, scouting locations, and determining the set design. Additionally, I edited one of the films. Later that year, I also had the opportunity to lead a editorial production as a producer and creative director, where I oversaw casting, styling, and photography.

Both productions were featured on Nudients social media channels.


(Look & feel)

Contrast lays in the center of this with our subject and the product is the duo taking the space of being vivid and colourful as the location is harsh and uninviting. Empowering the people who dares to stick out. The ones who; dare to be bold.

Stills captured by Magnus Magnusson, the frequent  photographer for Contributor magazine.

(Set design)

Art pieces made by the artist Lisa Lindh were present on set, one textured wall and two mirror that breaks the light and portrays its environment in a unique way. Omar is


Editorial production