Creative "shit"


This is my collection of side projects and creative cravings. Some have been just for fun and to have a creative output, while others had the intention of gaining me knowledge within a specific market or sub-culture.

As I come from a family of highly intertwined with fashion, from grandparents working as tailors to parents and padrino's being connected with the historical success of H&M. Has led me to conceptually start up two clothing businesses, this has trained me in branding, product development and business development.

Mating Club

Brand strategy / product design / Product development

During the summer of 22' I started a project to create a clothing brand. It was based upon some insights and a theory that the world was entering a sexual liberation phase, our mission statement says it all.

For the fashionable lust-seekers, Mating Club is a clothing & lifestyle brand that provides Liberation in gender & sexual expression, as we aim to bring identities closer through the use of common interests: enjoyment, pleasure & lust

This project includes me taking part of creating the brand strategy, developing and finding production for our garments, ideating editorial campaigns and other marketing activations. This is an ongoing project together with Kiki Mckenzie & Anne Obel Skoug.

( made our graphic identity)

Le Nouvieux

product development / shoe Design

During the early boom of sneakerheadz and raffle craze. I started my first creative project, which was a business where I refurbished and customized old sneakers. I called the business: Le Nouvieux as a play on the french words nouveau (new) and vieux (old).

I cleaned, repaired and designed, and gave a new paint job for the shoes. The aim of the project was to introduce a circular business model into the very unsustainable sneaker market, which is the sneaker business as well as jumping onto the craze of having something unique.


Photography / editing / retouching

Toscana, Italy holds a special place in my heart as it is where my creativity truly thrives. One summer, I brought my camera with me and allowed myself to capture everything I saw without any preconceived notions. Afterwards, I edited and retouched the photos to give them an analog aesthetic.